Cengiz Holding will increase its ‘renewable’ share in industrial consumption with its new solar power plant investment

Cengiz Holding accelerated its investments in line with its vision of supplying the electricity it uses in industry from renewable sources. Following the four solar power plants (SPP) implemented in Eti Alüminyum, the company has now taken action to provide Eti Bakır’s consumption from ‘renewables’. The 52 MW solar power plant completed in Mazıdağı is expected to start production in the second half of the year.

Cengiz Holding, one of Turkey’s largest industrial companies, also leads the sector in sustainability. Continuing its investments to further advance the ‘best’ techniques it applies, thanks to the R&D, innovation and technology integration it provides among group companies, Cengiz Holding focuses on providing the electricity it uses in the industry from renewable sources. Cengiz Holding, which has started to provide all the electricity of the facility from renewable energy thanks to the four solar power plants (SPP) it has implemented in Eti Alüminyum, will follow a similar path for another group company, Eti Bakır.

In this context, while the solar power plant on the land of Eti Bakır’s Mazıdağı Metal Recovery and Integrated Fertilizer Facilities is being completed, it is counting the days for electricity production.

Ahmet Cengiz, Cengiz Holding Energy Group President, stated that they will continue to increase the share of renewable sourced production in the energy portfolio and said, “In line with our company’s vision; We want to provide the electricity of our industrial facilities entirely from renewable sources as soon as possible. In this context, we completed the installation of our first solar power plant for Eti Bakır. We anticipate that the solar power plant with an installed capacity of 52 MW will become operational in the second half of the year. “The power plant, established with an investment of 711 million TL, will produce electricity equivalent to the consumption of 210,000 households,” he said.


Giving information about the installed power and production of Cengiz Enerji, a group company of Cengiz Holding, Cengiz continued his words as follows: “Our portfolio consisting of hydroelectric, wind, solar and thermal power plants currently has a total installed power of 4,845 MW. 60% of this consists of renewable energy. We took our investments in renewable energy one step further and turned to hybrid power plants by diversifying these sources to make electricity production more efficient. We realized the first hybrid power plant in Turkey with the Solar Power Plant we added to the Lower Kaleköy Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant in Bingöl. This hybrid power plant, in addition to being the first in Turkey, continues to make us proud as it is the largest in Europe. Again, in this context, we support this resource with solar power in places where we have wind power plants; We made the first example of this in Sinop. “We aim to add 1,020 MW installed power to our renewable portfolio in the medium term, increasing our total installed power in this field to 3,875 MW and its share in the portfolio to 70%.”