A project from automation giant FANUC that will strengthen the domestic machinery manufacturer

Great support from the world automation giant FANUC to Turkey’s machinery production

Leading the development of CNC controllers, robots and machines in the automation industry, FANUC broke new ground and started its new project, which will be the partner of domestic machine manufacturers in Turkey. The “FANUC Next to the Domestic Machinery Manufacturer” project, which is expected to support the growth of CNC machine production in Turkey by 7-8% in 2023, will increase the rate of high-tech CNC machines developed by the domestic machine manufacturer with FANUC technologies in the world market. Sustainable and efficient machine production will also be supported, thanks to agreements that will be based on cooperation that will continue for many years.

Continuing to make applicable continuous improvements in its entire product range, Japanese automation giant FANUC continues to break new ground with the projects it has signed. In this context, the company, which has implemented the FANUC Next to the Domestic Machinery Manufacturer project for the global competition of the rapidly growing machinery manufacturing in Turkey in recent years, will share its knowledge and technology as the world’s largest CNC manufacturer with the machinery manufacturers in Turkey. The project, which will benefit domestic machinery manufacturers to increase their share in the world industry, will make the manufacturing process sustainable and efficient with long-term agreements. Turkey’s machinery production in 2023, which has developed rapidly in line with the project in recent years, is expected to contribute 7-8% to growth thanks to the support of FANUC.

The first example in the world is implemented in Turkey

FANUC Turkey FA Department Manager and European Sales Coordinator E. Çağtay Güleç, who emphasized that the rapidly increasing machine production had an important share in the selection of Turkey for the project, which was implemented for the first time in the world in its field, said, “CNC machines are the most important and indispensable part of production for the continuation of production in the industry. and plays a very important role. In addition, according to the available data, it is seen that the need for machine tools is increasing day by day in Turkey as well as in the world. In line with this need, the number of domestic machinery production in Turkey has increased exponentially, especially in the last 10 years, and this increase continues with great momentum. However, considering that the number of companies producing domestic machine tools has increased considerably in recent years, we implemented our FANUC Next to the Domestic Machinery Manufacturer project to evaluate this potential. With this project, we will support the domestic machinery manufacturing sector and ensure the sustainability of production and quality.”

Domestic manufacturer will reach every point of the world with the machine it produces

Stating that they aim to make long-term agreements with all companies producing domestic CNC machinery in Turkey with the current project, Güleç shared the following about FANUC’s medium and long-term goals: “Thanks to our project, we will provide the necessary roadmap and the superior FANUC technology needed to domestic and foreign investors. As a result, we will bring new added values to the Turkish industry and the domestic machinery production sector. In addition, it is among our primary goals to prove to the world that the machines produced in Turkey have become preferable in the world industry and that this production is realized with the partnership of FANUC, and to increase the preference rate of these machines. These agreements we have made with domestic producers will last longer than one year, completely cover the production and will be in their favor.”

FANUC’s know-how and technology will add value to the Turkish industry

Stating that the domestic machinery manufacturer, which currently sells to nearly 100 countries around the world, will increase this number with the new project of FANUC, Güleç said, “Turkey has many advantages due to its geographical location. In addition to its knowledge, geographical advantage also paves the way for some global CNC machine tool manufacturers to make large investments to produce in Turkey. With these developments, we are sure that production in Turkey will increase rapidly in the coming years. In this direction, we, as FANUC, will add value to the strength of the domestic manufacturer in global competition, thanks to this project. We are sure that; For Turkey, today is much better than yesterday, but the future will be better than today. As FANUC Turkey, we will stand by our industrialists involved in domestic machinery manufacturing in the future as well as in the past. As the world’s largest CNC manufacturer, we will continue to offer our knowledge and technology to our country’s industry.”