Atlas Copco Compressor Breakthrough Technology

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, which focuses on sustainable industrial efficiency, continues to add value to both the country’s economy and businesses with the technologies it develops and the solutions it produces. GA VSDs, the most sustainable and most energy efficient compressor available in the industry today; It also supports the sustainability and efficiency goals of businesses with its performance, reliability and smart connectivity features.

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, one of the world’s leading industrial organizations, continues to support sustainable efficiency in the industry with its wide product portfolio and to offer innovative solutions to its business partners. GA VSDs, developed with the latest technology by the company, which provides energy saving and efficiency wherever compressed air is used, is the most energy efficient and sustainable compressor ever made. Thanks to its pioneering smart features, it can be adapted and optimized for each customer.

The GA VSDS is the most efficient screw compressor ever made

Atlas Copco Compressor Technique, which takes compressor technology to the next level with the GA VSDS, which it has just launched after VSD and VSD+ models, provides energy efficiency up to 60% with its new product. Expressing that this rate is groundbreaking for the sector, Atlas Copco Compressor Technique Industrial Air Division Product and Marketing Manager Mert Şenol said; “GA VSDs are the most efficient screw compressor ever built. This gives our customers a very important advantage in reducing their energy costs and carbon footprint. With our inverter compressor models, which were installed only in 2021, we saved 222,500 MWh, ie 570 million TL equivalent of electrical energy, annually to the Turkish industry. We foresee that we will take this level much further with GA VSDs.”

Saves on investment, operating and service costs

In addition to the minimum number of components; Being the first compressor with a ferrite-supported synchronous reluctance motor with IE5 efficiency class, without using rare earth elements, GA VSDS also makes a difference with its feature of being a powerful compressor with 21% higher free air efficiency compared to its fixed speed counterparts. Senol; “Thanks to GA VSDS, which stands out with its low kW rate (power consumption) and smart features, our customers will be able to save a great deal on investment, operation and service costs,” he said.

Optimization according to need with safe technology

GA VSDS contains smart features that allow to tailor and optimize its performance to each customer’s applications, requirements and conditions. The Intelligent Temperature Control (STC) system allows the compressor to always operate at the optimum oil temperature. Thus, the system provides maximum compression efficiency and eliminates the risk of condensation. GA VSDS also offers an all-new Boost Flow Mode that gives users the freedom to temporarily and safely exceed their compressor’s maximum capacity.

Additionally; It also offers industry-leading connectivity features such as the advanced Elektronikon® Touch control module, integrated EQ2i multi-compressor control as standard, SMARTLINK remote monitoring and analysis, and OPC UA integration for smart production environments.