Communication technology that plays a decisive role in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem

Time Sensitive Network (TSN-Time Sensitive Network) technology, which increases the speed of digitalization in production and provides a number of advantages to manufacturers, when combined with a high-bandwidth open network system, paves the way for industrialists to compete in the global arena. CC-Link IE TSN, the newest technology of CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association), stands out as the world’s first industrial open network using Time Sensitive Network technology. Emphasizing the need to have the power to manage data in order to stand out in production in the future, CLPA Turkey Manager Tolga Bizel said that the number of TNS compatible devices is increasing.

Time Sensitive Network (TSN) technology, which enables real-time key operations and data-intensive applications to be carried out without interfering with each other over a single cable, is the key to standing out in the industry of the 21st century. Underlining that this technology, which provides even higher performance and functionality with its increasing open structure features, will be decisive in the Industry 4.0 ecosystem, CLPA (CC-Link Partner Association) Turkey Manager Tolga Bizel emphasized that this sector will grow even more with companies that want to be among the playmakers of the new industry era. .

Increasing number of TNS compatible devices

Tolga Bizel stated that as the Time Sensitive Network technology market grows, it becomes easier for companies to find solutions suitable for their needs; “Since we pioneered CC-Link IE TSN, the world’s first open gigabit industrial Ethernet with TSN functions, we have seen the market growth very clearly. The ecosystem of development options available is actively growing to create industrial automation devices compatible with this technology. 
As a result, eight companies currently offer 10 different solutions for resellers to take advantage of. These include both hardware and software technologies for base stations and instrument stations. When looking at hardware solutions, it is possible to see high-performance and economical packages. For example, many companies can leverage Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASICs) to suit their business needs. Larger companies can choose development options, also called Private Communications Large-Scale Integration (LSI). The biggest feature of these options is that they are easy to integrate and offer flexible solutions. As the options in the market increase, companies can find the suitable solutions more easily. This, in turn, strengthens the reflexes of companies to be ready for Industry 4.0, increasing production efficiency and growth potential.”

Continuing cooperation to further increase diversity

Tolga Bizel said that it is necessary to have the power to manage data in order to stand out in the competition and in the future; “When CC-Link IE TSN emerged as a network technology in the field of industrial communication, we predicted that the demand would be this intense. Currently, CLPA is constantly working with leading companies in the industry to increase the number and variety of options available. The main driving force behind this growth is demand from end users and machine manufacturers who want to build smart plants and automation vendors who want to include compatible products in their portfolios. In fact, TSN acts as an enabler for Industry 4.0 as it provides the infrastructure that is key to providing the required transparency. Therefore, the integration of this network technology into industrial automation devices; It is becoming more and more important to increase the competitiveness of vendors, machine manufacturers and end users. Because the ability to effectively share large volumes of different types of data is the strongest trump card for those who want to invest in the future.”